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About Me

I have been living in Lydenburg since 2005. My husband and I have a guest house with 2 beautiful children. In 2016 the business chamber ask who would be willing to organize an event in town. I had the passion inside me and knew if I ever wanted an opportunity, this was it!  So the Lydenburg Heritage MTB race started and grew into a huge MTB, Trail Run and Duathlon, with market and kids entertainment up until 2020 when Covid struck and the whole world came to stand still.

Now I’m busy with an Oktoberfest and a trackNhoof (MTB vs Horse) race. So watch this space and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more events in Lydenburg and surrounding areas. The Best Place To Be!

Why Terra Events?

We are based in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Individuals often find they lack the time to plan an events themselves. We can step in and give these special events the attention they deserve. We specialise in researching, designing, planning, coordinating and evaluating Sports Events and can assist with corporate functions such as launches, fundraising events, awards evenings and more.


Your Lydenburg Events Planner

Charlene +27 78 384 0330

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We specialize in:


Mountain Biking Events

Running Events


Woman’s Day Event

For the last 2 years we had a 17km MTB, 10km Trail Run and 5km Walk in town, to help unprivileged women and children. Entry fee’s was a sanitary product which we gave to schools and women in homes for the poor. The day is filled with lots of lucky draws and fun dress up – all in good spirits so that everyone has a good time, while helping Women and Children in need.

Lydenburg Heritage MTB Race and Trail Run

Since 2016, the Lydenburg Heritage MTB Race has encourage local MTB riders to use the Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve to enjoy the sport and nature simultaneously. We started with a 30km, 17km and 10km route and extended the 30km to a 40km with over 1000m elevation gain the last 2 years. Technical route with single track and beautiful views over the Longtom Pass Mountains, gives from experience riders to newbies a change to enjoy MTB. With the new routes in Gustav Klingbiel, more people could enjoy the Nature Reserve throughout the year. Lydenburg High school had 12 MTB riders representing the province in 2018, since the race started. We added a Trail Run in 2018 to attract more people and the race has grown every year. While the two races are on, a Market full of crafts, food, drinks etc. are there for the spectators to enjoy while waiting for their friends and family. Kids’ entertainment from Horses, jumping castle, archery, riding of the bull etc., keep the children happy after their 5km Kiddies MTB ride.